Sucess stories

Asti Europe has differentiated itself through its expertise in the transport of ultra-heavy freight, its advisory capacity and its networks abroad.

“The aeronautical sector requires a service provider offering a high level of responsiveness and quality of service. This is why we have been loyal customers to the ASTI group since 2005. The group has understood the challenges linked to our sector of activity and met our needs.

The teams are also endowed with an excellent sense of communication and listening to customers, so we do not hesitate to entrust our goods to the ASTI group. We are really delighted with this collaboration, which we hope will last a long time.”
Purchasing and Logistics Director, SAFRAN SNECMA MOROCCO
“For us, the determining criterion in the choice of a transport provider is the price and the respect of deadlines.

We have found in ASTI a quality partner that meets our needs and also demonstrates an excellent sense of communication. ”
Parts & Logistics Manager, DEM EQUIPEMENT Maroc
"We have found in the ASTI GROUP a flexible partner adapting to our needs. We have been working with ASTI since 1994. We are completely satisfied with their quality of communication and their speed."
"We have been working with ASTI since 2015, the teams have always known how to adapt to our requirements by offering listening, respect for delivery times and better costs compared to our budgets."

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Asti Europe invest time and expertise to fully understand your business before designing plans to improve your supply chain. We take responsibility for the performance of all our suppliers and for ensuring the availability of resources and equipment needed to control the flow of goods under our charge.