Air Freight

Immediate Solutions For Your Unexpected Circumstances

Many companies face unforeseen situations when it is not possible to deliver the goods on time. We understand the importance in these cases of properly planning and delivering timely delivery, regardless of the nuances that may arise.

In such situations, our extensive experience with air travel and air travel services will be indispensable. You can undoubtedly trust us to work with your most important items and not worry about the end result. We also offer fast ground handling solutions that can be implemented both independently of the air cargo service and in the complex. Our experience and individual approach to each client allows us to turn your critical situations into immediate decisions with the best result for you.

IATA approval number 54-4 7098 confirms our experience in air transport and allows us to ensure the shipment of dangerous goods.

Our teams work around the clock, 365 days a year, to take care of any unexpected circumstances in which speed is a top priority. We offer a variety of ways to reduce transit times, coordinate and arrange immediate deliveries in the shortest time possible, ideal for both regular and single shipments.

Premium Services

  • Immediate availability and same day service
  • On board Courier (OBC)
  • Expertise in all industrial sectors, including automotive, medical and aeronautics

Our Expertise & Expert Approach

Our experts are always ready to provide competent consultation and help you to find the best solution in your special situation. But that`s not all. Our coordinators ensure that each departure is timely and scheduled, from departure to arrival, focusing on your options, evaluating the best price combinations and keeping you informed. We offer more than just air freight, we help your business maintain the trust of your customers and build a strong business partnership that will last long after your cargo is delivered.

Our Sales Consultant analyse the needs of the client from the very first contact.They ensure that best practice is applied throughout the move process to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

We use skilled packers and movers using quality packing material to protect your belongings.We are packing your freigh with special materials to contain and protect your items as customer needs change.

We provide stable and high-quality transportation even to the remotest places on our planet. It doesn’t matter how far you are, because Air freight reaches places other modes of transport cannot get to.

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“The aeronautical sector requires a service provider offering a high level of responsiveness and quality of service. This is why we have been loyal customers to the ASTI group since 2005. The group has understood the challenges linked to our sector of activity and met our needs.

The teams are also endowed with an excellent sense of communication and listening to customers, so we do not hesitate to entrust our goods to the ASTI group. We are really delighted with this collaboration, which we hope will last a long time.”
Purchasing and Logistics Director,

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